Eawag is a globally leading aquatic research institute. Its strengths and successes are based on 75 years of combining research, teaching and continuing education as well as consultancy and knowledge transfer. The combination of natural, engineering and social sciences permits a wide range of water research, ranging from relatively undisturbed watercourses to fully engineered wastewater management systems. Eawag focuses its research activities on investigating how people use water, how to maintain the functionality and resistance of the aquatic ecosystem and how to keep a balance between them.

25 professors, 290 scientists and 140 doctoral students at Eawag benefit from a unique research environment for exploring questions that yield new scientific insights and meet fundamental societal needs. The interdisciplinary approach and the involvement of stakeholders from business and society both play an important role in this regard. With about 3,000 hours of teaching at Swiss universities and supervising around 130 Bachelor’s and Master’s theses each year, Eawag makes a major contribution to training young specialists for Switzerland’s water industry.

From 2014, as one of the SCCER, Eawag’s focus will be even more on energy efficiency and renewable energies, especially hydropower. At the same time, it will deliver important findings for practitioners in the field of river revitalisation through the “Swiss Rivers” programme and continue to conduct basic research.