September 2009
A revolution in solar energy technology
Owing to the addition of a second dye, the new dye-sensitised solar cells – also called Grätzel cells after their inventor, Prof....  More 
March 2009
Less CO2 thanks to more energy-efficient buildings
The construction, operation and maintenance of all buildings in this country are responsible for about half of Switzerland’s energy...  More 
November 2008
2nd Generation Biofuels: better, but still not good enough
Biogenic fuels of the 2nd generation are biofuels which are produced by means of new, more efficient production processes. So...  More 
April 2008
Energy of the future from controlled nuclear fusion
In all countries on all continents across the globe, the search is on for solutions that will guarantee an adequate energy supply for a...  More 
March 2008
Gas-fired power stations – more efficiency and less CO2
With its almost CO2-free power generation (from hydroelectric and nuclear power stations), Switzerland is in a special...  More 
January 2008
Fuels made from biomass: not all of them are ecologically friendly
The use of fuels made from biomass, so-called biogenic fuels, is climate-neutral since these fuels generate no additional carbon dioxide...  More