March 2017
‘Piz Daint’ for Europe, European supercomputers for Switzerland
Ever since the inception of the Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe (PRACE), Switzerland has been actively represented by ETH...  More 
July 2015
Eight competence centres conduct research into the energy of the future
Energy has already been a central field of research in the ETH Domain for years, and with ETH Zurich, EPFL and its four research...  More 
August 2012
The ETH Board’s HPCN strategy enters a new phase
High-performance computing (HPC) is a new key technology for both science and business, enabling new solution models for complex research...  More 
May 2011
Blue Brain Project: International Evaluation Published
The Blue Brain Research Project at EPFL is aiming to recreate the human brain, neuron for neuron. Researchers want to use this project to...  More 
October 2010
Supercomputing – a key to greater competitiveness
Computer-aided science and supercomputers are becoming increasingly important. Today, research groups’ expertise in utilising...  More 
May 2010
Animal testing: concerted use for new challenges
People’s growing life expectancy results in an increase in both diseases and signs of age-related wear and tear. At the same time,...  More 
April 2010
SwissFEL X-ray laser – new opportunities for top-level Swiss research
The Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) is planning to build a new large-scale scientific facility – the SwissFEL X-ray laser. This...  More 
Seizing opportunities and promoting the next generation
“The ETH Domain will create attractive and family-friendly working conditions, promote equality of opportunity and develop young...  More 
Advancement of women for Switzerland’s economy and society
In the ETH Domain, the percentage of women is on a slow but steady increase at all academic career levels. Thus the proportion of women...  More 
Many-faceted advancement of women in the ETH Domain
The ETH Zurich, the EPFL and the four research institutes of the ETH Domain have long institutionalised the advancement of women. They have...  More