Wood for every occasion
Trees as high as 30 metres still stand up to the wind, even if their stems are relatively thin. Tanja Zimmermann has meticulously studied...  More 
Inventing the Future
The Federal Government’s Energy Strategy 2050 plans to increase the production of solar electricity in future. But when the sun...  More 
New Recipes for a super-material
Tiny pillars of colourful hexagons all pointing upwards, adorn the cover of the renowned British journal Nature, issued on 7 August 2014,...  More 
Joint effort between science and industry
The Free-Electron X-Ray Laser SwissFEL is being developed out in the forest near Würenlingen and a stone’s throw from PSI. An...  More 
New life for rivers
Because of its topography and a comparatively high annual precipitation, Switzerland possesses an extensive network of streams and rivers....  More 
WSL: Forecasting the risk of forest fires more precisely
Today, in order to forecast forest fires, it is usually the case that the moisture of the combustible material is indirectly derived from...  More 
Knowledge and technology transfer: ETH Domain as driver of innovation
“The strength of NEST is that it offers our partners from industry the opportunity to test, evaluate and optimise their innovations...  More 
EPFL: Neuchâtel puts faith in microtechnology
EPFL (ETH Lausanne) has had a base in Neuchâtel since the beginning of 2009 thanks to the Institute for Microtechnology (IMT). The IMT,...  More 
ETH Zurich: Sustainable knowledge transfer
A total of 18 students at the bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral levels of education participated in the ETHiopia Summer School...  More 
ETH Zurich: Research cooperation with Disney
At Disney Research Zurich (DRZ), 30 computer scientists and 10 doctoral students are currently working on 70 research projects. There are...  More