Lasers and Lidar in the snow
Weather permitting, a group of researchers drive to the Dischma valley in Davos early in the morning, from April to June, often on a...  More 
A machine unique in the world
“We have instruments that are unique in the world”, says Elvezio Morenzoni, director of the laboratory where the muons are used...  More 
New Digital Building Culture
With its moveable arm the white robot looks rather like the machines used in the automotive industry to assemble car bodies. But the arm is...  More 
A bright future: the Swiss X-ray free-electron laser
Viewed from above, the dimensions of the future SwissFEL largescale X-ray free-electron laser facility are clear to see. The first building...  More 
Big data – using large volumes of data efficiently
Thanks to rapid technological progress and exponential increases in performance in the IT sector, the global data volume is currently...  More 
The brain is being decrypted
The images broadcast on Swiss television’s prime time Tagesschau news programme on 24 April 2012 showcased spectacular science. A...  More 
ETH Zurich: Competence centre for world nutrition
In 2050, around 9bn people will inhabit the Earth. Therefore, worldwide agricultural production will probably have to double by 2050.ETH...  More 
Alzheimer plaques in 3D
Alzheimer’s disease is responsible for about 60% to 80% of all cases of dementia. This disease affects people differently, but the...  More 
Clean energy in the focus of research
Energy research in the ETH Domain has a long-term orientation and plays an important part. Research projects concentrate on the potential,...  More 
EPFL: New molecule against depression
Depression is one of the main reasons of inability to work, affecting around 121m people worldwide, including 8 % of the Swiss population...  More