The guarantee of clean drinking water
The Canton of Basel-Landschaft (BL, “Basel-Country”) is characterised by karst areas used for agriculture, urban settlements in...  More 
When a field turns into a dangerous slide
24 July 2014: It has been raining for days and now the forecast is for heavy thunderstorms. For five hours it has been pouring down in...  More 
Expertise in accelerator technology helps cancer patients
The patient is led into the treatment room, and lies down on the treatment table. After ensuring that she is positioned and held in the...  More 
Artificial Hand Restores the Sense of Touch
“A Sensation”, “A Moving Breakthrough”, were the headlines in the international press in February 2014, when...  More 
Comprehensive energy concepts for town and country
The “Coordinated Energy Research Switzerland” action plan concentrates on three areas: building up expertise in universities on...  More 
A toilet for developing countries
There it is, the very first model in the Eawag foyer in Dübendorf, Zurich. It is a design piece, more than two metres high and made of blue...  More 
Research in the service of medicine
The name is simple, almost modest: “Zurich University Medicine.” However, the goal that the Zurich institutions ETH, University...  More 
PSI: Proton beams against cancer
PSI has developed a unique irradiation technique for proton therapy: the so-called spot-scanning process. The proton beam is accelerated in...  More 
PSI: Measuring energy system sustainability
Decision-makers face the need to determine the relative merits of various energy supply alternatives according to sustainability criteria....  More