The ETH Appeals Commission is the first-instance commission which rules on appeals against decisions or decrees of the ETH Domain institutions.The complaints as a rule involve personnel and university law issues. The rulings of the ETH Appeals Committee can be appealed against at the Swiss Federal Administrative Court.

The Commission is an independent judicial authority. Its seven members are elected by the ETH Board. Its office is in Bern.


  • Barbara Gmür, President
  • Dr. iur. Beatrix Schibli, Vice President 
  • Prof. Dr. Simone Deparis 
  • Jonas Philippe
  • Dr sc.nat. Dieter Ramseier
  • Prof. Thomas Vogel 
  • Yolanda Schärli


  • Yolanda Schärli, director
  • Natalya Spörri 
  • Sibylle Thür
  • Valentine Tschümperlin
  • Irène Vitous