The Competence Centres of the ETH Domain were created by an initiative of the ETH Board in 2006, and were allocated initial financing for about ten years, which allows them to cooperate across the disciplines, and also in setting up joint infrastructure, research and teaching platforms. In 2015, the final projects that are set to run until 2017 were started. The Competence Centres have laid the path for many new collaborations in the ETH Domain: in interdisciplinary research and teaching in environmental studies, the setting up and managing of the Swiss Competence Centres for Energy Research (SCCER) by the institutions of the ETH Domain, the professorships and platforms in industry-relevant research areas in materials science, and the many doctoral theses across the institutions. The Competence Centres have stimulated the cooperation in the ETH Domain and in many cases advanced it and organised it on a long-term basis.