Ten years of CCEM – the anniversary events in September with contributions from science, industry and policy-making also demonstrated impressively that convergent energy technologies can be developed very efficiently in a transdisciplinary environment. Nine projects were successfully completed in 2016, and the remaining eleven will be completed in 2017. Research in the CCEM has delivered a relevant contribution towards the SCCER and to the 2050 Energy Strategy. Many of the results serve as a basis for new projects and will help to further reinforce cross-disciplinary understanding and cooperation within the ETH Domain. There is a focus on energy and mobility aspects in connection with energy systems and site networks.

The “novatlantis – sustainability in the ETH Domain” programme continued to perform its outreach function in the area of energy research and enjoyed a successful 2016. novatlantis promoted the exchange of knowledge through public events, as well as though implementation projects in the pilot region of Basel and in the region of the future Novatlantis Argovia.