EPFL is the birthplace of the modern computer mouse, as well as ambitious scientific projects and sustainable innovations such as the transparent-dye solar cells, the solar-powered aircraft Solar Impulse, the ultra-fast yacht Hydroptère, and the EU flagship programme the Human Brain Project (HBP).

The prestigious university provides teaching facilities for every study level, from Bachelor’s to Doctorate, and has grown at an impressive rate since it became a federal institution in 1969. Situated on the shores of Lake Geneva, EPFL houses some 16,000 people: over 10,000 students and some 5,800 staff members working in the fields of teaching, research, technology and administration, including more than 320 professors.

The campus with the Rolex Learning Center as its distinguishing feature, unique in the world, provides the most appealing living conditions and the most modern working facilities in the field of teaching and research. People from more than 125 nations meet here every day at what is one of the world’s most international universities. From Master’s degree level upward the language of instruction is mostly in English.

A special concern of EPFL is the promotion of international partnerships, sponsorships and joint projects between academia and industry. The campus also includes the “EPFL Innovation Park”, where around 170 start-ups and research centres of respected companies find a dynamic environment. The institution produces some 15 start-ups each year, in fact 2015 saw the creation of 18, for which more than 110m CHF was invested as venture capital.