ETH Domain: WEF 2020

Innovative and successful

Numerous guests accepted the invitations from the ETH Board and the institutions of the ETH Domain to attend the WEF 2020 for the third time. Exhibitions, presentations and panel discussions on leading edge research from Switzerland for Switzerland brought together national and international scientists, policymakers and the business community.

Federal Council Guy Parmelin

Federal Councillor Guy Parmelin is personally impressed by the success of the ETH Domain spin-off aQuaTox-Solution. Photo: Markus Mallaun

ETH Zurich on a mission to mars

A seismometer flies to Mars

What is the interior of Mars like? What about the structure and dynamics? One of their most efficient methods of analysing ground vibrations has only been in use for the past year or so, thanks to ETH Zurich.Photo: Basil Stücheli

Professor Domenico Giardini

EPFL: Tribots

The robotics artist

Jamie Paik isn't your average robot research engineer, and the machines she and her team develop in the Reconfigurable Robotics Lab at EPFL, like the Exosuit (right in the photo), are every bit as unusual. Photo: EPFL

EPFL Professor Jamie Paik

WSL: Environmental data portal

Accelerating research

How do you make valuable environmental data more accessible? The WSL is mounting a data offensive and setting up a platform called EnviDat. Photo: Basil Stücheli

Gian-Kasper Plattern and Ionut Iosifescu from WSL

Empa: Power-to-X

"We don't have an energy problem, we do have a CO2 problem"

As head of the Automotive Powertrain Technologies laboratory, Christian Bach with his team are looking for ways to convert road traffic from currently being based almost entirely on fossil fuels to renewable energy in the future. Photo: Basil Stücheli

Christian Bach from Empa

PSI: Biomedical research

Top of the world

The SwissFEL, the PSI's latest large-scale research facility, features sophisticated X-ray laser technology as well as refined sensor technology. In addition to materials science, environmental and energy research, life sciences in particular will benefit from the new possibilities offered by the 750 metre-long facility. Photo: Basil Stücheli

PSI Professor Gebhard Schertler and his colleagues

Eawag: Alternatives to animal trials

Excellent alternatives

Toxicity tests are mainly carried out on livestock. Within the context of environmental risk assessment, this is done most commonly on fish. An alternative method developed by Eawag researchers is currently overcoming crucial hurdles to its widespread use in practice.Photo: Basil Stücheli

Eawag professor Kristin Schirmer and her colleague Melanie Fischer

ETH Domain:From Switzerland for Switzerland

Knowledge that works for everyone

How can the whole population benefit from technical and scientific advances made by the ETH Domain? This is illustrated by a number of examples from various disciplines. Photo: Roman Keller

DFAB House