The ETH Board is convinced that the Swiss Innovation Park is able to strengthen Switzerland’s innovative power and to improve network relations between academia and trade and industry. For this reason, the ETH Domain wants to join the cantons and trade and industry by making an important contribution towards a successful Innovation Park. It will become involved in the two hub locations in the environment of ETH Zurich and EPFL, as well as in the network locations in the Canton of Aargau, where PSI plays a central role, and in North Western Switzerland, where ETH Zurich is a participant.

The Swiss Innovation Park is a «project of a generation» aimed at sustainably strengthening and boosting Switzerland as a competitive international location over the long term. It is being jointly supported by the federal government, the cantons and the scientific and business communities. The aim is to forge even better links between academia and business, offer local companies and researchers the best possible innovation-friendly conditions, and involve new participants.

Today, the six institutions of the ETH Domain form an established innovation network whose activities and significance stretch far beyond Switzerland's borders. The two Federal Institutes of Technology ETH Zurich and EPFL and the four research institutes PSI, WSL, Empa and Eawag have the necessary broad-based specialist orientation and outstanding research and innovation competencies, especially in the Swiss economy's areas of excellence. They are optimally positioned nationally and regionally, and enjoy a very high reputation at home and abroad. In collaboration with the cantonal universities and universities of applied sciences, as well as partners in industry, they quickly put innovations into practice. The ETH Domain therefore has a key role to play in the Swiss Innovation Park.