ETH Board, 22 December 2015

In 2015, an international group of experts carried out an investigation of the contribution made by the ETH Domain to Switzerland's economy, its innovative leverage and its university system. The group of experts gave the ETH Domain a glowing report, highlighting among other factors the outstanding role it plays in the transfer of knowledge and technology to strengthen Switzerland's position as a hub of academic and economic activity. The expert report shows that the autonomy of the ETH Domain, its internationality and the robust long-term financing it receives from the Confederation are the central pillars of its success.

An intermediate evaluation of the ETH Domain is conducted in the middle of every four-year performance period. In August 2014, the Federal Department of Economic Affairs, Education and Research (EAER) tasked an eight-member group of experts comprising renowned international and national specialists with an investigation of the contribution made by the ETH Domain to furthering knowledge and technology transfer as well as innovation. In its report, the group of experts formulates 13 recommendations addressed largely at the ETH Domain, but also at other actors within the university system.

The experts confirm the crucial role that the institutions of the ETH Domain play for the Swiss economy and society. They also emphasise the leading global position enjoyed by the institutions of the ETH Domain, their key contribution in the areas of education and training, along with their prominent role in terms of knowledge and technology transfer. The report also underlines that maintaining this leadership status for the ETH Domain poses a challenge to the Domain's institutions and for the political community, which should be called on to ensure attractive and stable operating conditions.

The intermediate report comprises three documents. They are available on the website of the ETH Board and that of the State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SERI):

  1. Self-Assessment Report of the ETH Board: addresses the topics defined in the mandate issued by the EAER and contains an analysis of the scientific output of the institutions of the ETH Domain. It served as a working basis for the group of experts when drawing up their intermediate evaluation.
  2. Report of the Expert Committee: contains an analysis of the strengths, weaknesses and challenges that characterise the ETH Domain and its standing within the Swiss university system. It also contains 13 recommendations for the ETH Domain and the actors in the education, research and innovation (ERI) system.
  3. Response of the ETH Board to the Report of the Expert Committee