ETH Board, 12 March 2012

The ETH Board is increasing the 2013 budgets for all six institutions of the ETH Domain by 2.1% in comparison with the preceding year, and additionally placing an emphasis on teaching. – The ETH Board has also appointed Professor Lino Guzzella to succeed Professor Heidi Wunderli-Allenspach as a member of the Executive Board of ETH Zurich.

In the first meeting in its new composition, the ETH Board allocated the 2013 funds for the six institutions of the ETH Domain – ETH Zurich, EPFL, PSI, WSL, Empa and Eawag. In doing so, it followed the principle of further promoting the two Federal Institutes of Technology, which occupy a top international position in their specific fields, and of acknowledging the renewed strong performance of the research institutes in their specific fields. Subject to the Federal Parliament’s approval of the budget application, the six institutions will have 2.1% more funds at their disposal in 2013 for their regular operations (accomplishment of their basic academic mission) than in the preceding year. The ETH Board is highlighting a priority by additionally granting the six institutions a total of CHF 16.8m from this sum-total; this contribution is ring-fenced for teaching and is made up of monies that were as yet unallocated or had been earmarked for the strategic large-scale projects. In other areas – such as the ETH Domain’s competence centres – the ETH Board made cuts earlier on. Thus the institutions are intended to receive a total of CHF 2,099m in 2013 (+ CHF 59.7m).The ETH Board thus agrees to ETH Zurich’s and EPFL’s demand for more funds for teaching. “ETH Zurich and EPFL are now called upon to set even stronger priorities in their own one-line budgets and to free up funds for the benefit of teaching,” says President Dr Fritz Schiesser. With a view to the future, Vice-President Professor Paul Herrling adds: “Trade and industry and society are calling for more university graduates. The ETH Domain is therefore committed to increasing student numbers as long as the high quality of the education it provides and the funding are guaranteed.”

All in all, the allocation of funds to the institutions results in the following picture:

in million CHFBudget 2012Budget 2013
ETH Zurich1’073.81’105.6
Subtotal, institutions2’039.32’099.0
Strat. projects, ETH Board, etc. 1)135.1140.4
Total, ETH Domain2’174.42’239.4 2)

1) Own administration, start-up and incentive funding; ongoing ERI mandates and projects of 2012-2016 strategic planning such as HPCN, SwissFEL, Blue Brain, competence centres, participation in SUC programmes and CIP-SUC; in 2012, this includes one-off investment contributions to ETH Zurich and EPFL, Empa and WSL.

2) Of which CHF 12m from previously unallocated funds.

Guidelines for the assumption of external mandates by executive personnel

Moreover, the ETH Board dealt with the guidelines concerning side jobs taken on by executive personnel of the ETH Domain. The ETH Board noted that such mandates are desirable since they are apt to promote cooperation with practice and to make important contributions to the further development of executive personnel. However, external mandates must not trigger conflicts of interest and excessive workloads, nor must they cause any damage to people’s reputations. The guidelines are applicable to the Presidents and other members of the Executive Boards of ETH Zurich and EPFL, as well as to the Directors and other members of the Executive Boards of the research institutions. However, individual investigations of a legal nature are still required concerning the concrete implementation of the guidelines.

Prof. Lino Guzzella a new member of ETH Zurich’s Executive Board

In its capacity as the competent electoral authority, the ETH Board appointed Professor Lino Guzzella as a member of the Executive Board of ETH Zurich. In doing so, the ETH Board followed the application of the President of ETH Zurich, Professor Ralph Eichler. Lino Guzzella will succeed Professor Heidi Wunderli-Allenspach, who will retire at the end of July 2012.

Lino Guzzella (*1957, of Swiss and Italian nationality) has been appointed as a member of the Executive Board for a four-year term of office. He will take office on 1 August 2012 and assume responsibility for teaching issues at ETH Zurich. Lino Guzzella has been Full Professor of Thermotronics since 1999. His research has focused on the field of “low-energy mobility”. Owing to his scientific activities, Lino Guzzella has an excellent network and reputation at an international level; in Switzerland, his is an authoritative voice in the energy debate, and he is involved in the work of the Commission for Technology and Innovation with regard to technology transfer. Above and beyond this, Lino Guzzella is an inspiring university teacher, who has made a crucial contribution to the advancement of the Department of Mechanical and Process Engineering.

Further business and professorial appointments

The ETH Board has also appointed its Vice-President, Paul Herrling, as a member of its Audit Commit-tee, which is now made up of Beth Krasna (Chair), Dr Barbara Haering and Paul Herrling.
The ETH Board further dealt with the ETH Domain’s report on energy research that it will have to submit to the State Secretariat for Education and Research. In addition, it reviewed the relevant performance agreements with the institutions for the first time on the basis of its 2012-2016 strategic planning. The Presidents of ETH Zurich and EPFL explained their professorship planning for 2012-2016 to the ETH Board, and upon their application, the ETH Board appointed 17 professors, took note of the resignations of six professors and thanked them for their services, and awarded the title of professor to two individuals (cf. separate media release).