A widely-supported parliamentary initiative aims to differentiate tuition fees at the two Federal Institutes of Technology according to tax domicile. This has created a new situation for the ETH Board. It is therefore puts on hold its plan to double fees and will keep a close eye on further developments.

A parliamentary initiative signed by members of many parliamentary groups and submitted on 5 March 2013 is calling for tuition fees at the two Federal Institutes of Technology to be differentiated according to the tax domicile of the parents and/or the student. For domestic taxpayers, the initiative wants to restrict the fee increase to the level of inflation, whereas fees for foreign taxpayers should be no more than three times higher than for domestic students. The ETH Board discussed this political motion as an extraordinary agenda item at its meeting today. The prospect of a new legislative basis for different fees has created a new situation. The ETH Board is therefore putting on hold its plan to double tuition fees decided in December 2012 on behalf of ETH Zurich and EPFL. The ETH Board will be closely monitor the further development of the parliamentary initiative, is counting on its swift implementation, and is willing to provide assistance.